Tom Swafford is a classic violinist, he is also an investigator and an artist that constantly proposes experimental processes. This is what drew my attention about his work, that will of creating and risking, giving then his work a content of purity that, I think, is summarized when he says his goal is to “create clear music” that communicates in a “direct and genuine” way. Tom is a born investigator that is committed with a personal, unique search that gives very particular characteristics to his production. I think that something that distinguishes the artist from the non-artist is this commitment with the aesthetic production and this constant search that on the other hand is shown just like the artist wants to present it. It is true, music is not a universal language, contrary to popular belief. Each person deciphers music from their own point of view, interprets from their own experience. There will be those who prefer Heavy Metal to Classical, others the Experimental, others will go with Rap or Noise Music. Taste is not the main thing but the secondary: it is something subjective. The fundamentals of the creative work in art and, I belief, in Tom´s music, is the creating will, the constant search, the complete commitment with art, and in this case, with music.

In the 20 century music had great changes, Serialism arose and Electronic Music. The input of Dadaism was important since it contributed with new elements for composition that ended with modifying the ear of the spectator. This accompanied the rise of new tendencies in the arts that led in subsequent to conceptualism and other tendencies that are, to today, valid. Tom contributes today in the 21st century to this constant process of art: the transformation and self-creation.

Damián Toro

Entrevistas / Interviews

An Interview with TOM SWAFFORD.....


Damián Toro: How did the interest for music grow in you?

Tom Swafford: I grew up in a musical family- my father played piano and my mother played the cello. My brothers also played music. I was lucky enough to have very good and inspiring private teachers as well as orchestra and band directors. My parents were amateur classical musicians who loved to play a lot and one of my brothers played jazz and rock music. So I had exposure to a lot of styles of music growing up. My Dad also composed and improvised at the piano...

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Crítica / Criticism


Por Damián Toro


Por alguna razón quizás muy particular pero al mismo tiempo inexplicable, cuando se habla de “arte ecuatoriano” surgen caras largas, desacuerdos y hasta rechazo. Sin embargo cuando se habla de arte culinario ecuatoriano nadie se opone ni pone caras feas, al contrario, lo celebran y hacen grandes campañas publicitarias. Seguir Lectura